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Websites and Apps that we love!



Cruising Guides & Resources:  Here you can download Cruising Guides for Indonesia, Phillipines, Micronesia, The Marshall Islands and the rest of the Pacific. Very comprehensive compendiums put together by fellow Cruisers.  Noonsite's main objective is to provide cruising sailors with comprehensive information regarding the necessary formalities, paperwork and costs for clearing into all countries worldwide, plus essential marine facilities in all ports. Cruising Sailors also provide updates and experiences of destinations they have visited including Piracy hotspots. A GREAT RESOURCE!

Navigation & Forecasting:


C-Map by Jeppensen Provide Navigational Charts Worldwide for laptop or plotter.  Provide Navigational Charts Worldwide for mobile or plotter.



OpenCPN  Open Source Charts and Route Planning for Laptop.



Predict Wind  One of the leading providers for Weather Forecasting and Route planning, providing GRIB files for any area on the planet using PWG & PWE, ECMWF & GFS forecast models. Link this with an Iridium Go! Sat Phone and you have a great forecasting package. The Offshore package also provides vessel tracking, Satellite/SSB Connection, Compressed Files, GMDSS Forecasts and Satellite Imagery.

Sail Grib  A great app for route planning, giving tides, forecasts and GRIB files for your region.



WindyTY  We primarily use this to obtain up to 7-days wind speed and direction in local areas. It's very easy to use and looks like Google Maps. For Cruisers this can also show currents and sea state.



iNavx  Navigation software which provides AIS and Instrument overlay for NMEA.

Maverick  Works in conjunction with Navionics to give Satellite views of your position - very handy when trying to navigate reefs and passages!


OvitalMap  Similar to maverick, this will plot your location by GPS on Satellite imagery.

Sky Map  Simply point to the Stars and it will tell you which Constellation you are looking at – a very helpful asset to Navigation.


Stock Control & Provisioning:

Wunderlist  A great App for keeping all your lists in one place.



MyStuffPro  Invaluable App enabling you to catalogue every item on board – no more losing valuable items down the back of lockers!


Melting Language Barriers:



Google Translate  Another goodie! Simply talk into your phone and it will translate your words into your chosen language. Fantastic help for those times you are trying to get a Mauritian mechanic to design and make a part for your electrical winch!





Check out below for our favourite go to sources for Nav, Forecasting, Cruiser sites - and even translation...

​(We gather information from a variety of sources, to allow us to make more informed decisions about our route planning)

Do The Things That Make Your Heart Sing!  Meg


We move according to our desires and the seasons.  If we find a gorgeous anchorage, or somewhere curious - we might just hang for a bit. 


Keep track of our movements no matter where we are in the world   via our Live Tracking service.

If you know of a festival, an event, an island or location that is not to be missed, we want to hear about it!  


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